Motley Mission Control

A Motley Adventures Introduction

Welcome, Motley Agents! We’re so excited to have you here!
If you’re just starting out on your very first mission, you’ve come to the right place!
If you’re continuing on, head on over to Motley Air and catch your next flight –
but make sure you’re ready to move on before you go!



Welcome to Motley Mission Control!

Greetings, Motley Agent, and welcome to the team! Here at Motley Mission Control we’ve got a lot going on, and we’re going to need your help! Let’s start by getting you all geared up…

Step 1: Motley Mission Preparation

A good Agent is a prepared Agent! Before you’re ready to get your mission briefing from Agent M, we have some things that you and your Responsible Adult will need to get ready. Some of these are things for your Responsible Adult to print out, and some of them are things you’ll need for crafting, creating, and ciphering!

We have three ways you can complete your mission preparation — you and your Responsible Adult can decide what works best for you! Our missions are designed so you can complete them using things we think you’ll have around the house, but we know every family is different, so we’re happy to lend a helping hand if you need it!

Free Agent : You’ve got it all under control – you just need a list of supplies and the files to print! If this is you, have your Responsible Adult click here for our print-at-home Printables and craft supply lists.

Double Operative: You’ve got all the supplies you need, but printing things isn’t your cup of carefully-selected and definitely not poisoned tea. If this is you, have your Responsible Adult click here to buy our Printables Pack. We’ll print out all our handouts in full color on high-quality paper and cardstock, assemble all the booklets, and mail then to you! While you’re waiting for your envelope, you’ll find the craft supply lists here!

Remote Infiltrator: Your location — or your mission — means it’s going to work best if we air-drop your supplies to your target zone. If this is you, have your Responsible Adult click here to buy our Craftables Pack. We’ll box up (almost) everything you’ll need — Printables and crafting supplies — and ship it to you. We do expect that you’ll have a few things (scissors, paper, crayons or markers) at your secured location!

Step 2: Secret Agent School

When you’ve got your supplies together you’re ready for our Secret Agent School! In this crafting activity we’ll get you all ready for your very first mission briefing…

You can find our Secret Agent School right here…or if you’d rather work offline, you can download the instructions here!

Step 3: Mission Briefing

Once you’re ready for your mission, find the envelope marked MISSION. You’re going to need this after you watch this message from Agent M!

Step 4: A Motley Mission

When you’re ready to start your Motley Mission, gather the rest of your mission supplies and  click here to start your training missions !

Mission Control Complete? You’ve got a ticket for Motley Air! B.O.R.E.D. are having a meeting and you don’t want to be late!


Take me to Motley Air!