Motley Mission Control

Welcome to your Motley Adventure! Nothing is quite as much fun as playing together in person, but we hope that you and your Motley Kid will enjoy playing along with us virtually!

This page is for Responsible Adults who choose to print out and assemble the Motley Mission Printables rather than ordering them from the Motley Kids, or for Responsible Adults who’ve ordered the Printables but need to build their own Craftables Kit.  Everything we do is designed so that you should be able to accomplish it with things you have at home or can easily obtain.  We’ll throw some extras into our Craftables Kits but we are really all about the Fun.  

If you’ve spent time with us at conventions, you’ll know that we view our own instructions as just a general framework, and we’d like to invite you to embrace that sense of “craft anarchy” with your Motley Agent on their adventures. Be a fan of whatever they make! There is no wrong way to create things (unless they glue it to the cat. That might be an issue of concern).

With that in mind, here’s how we envision this Motley Adventure taking place!

If you want to download everything at once, you can get the Printables as a .zip file , or Printables as a single PDF here.

If you prefer your printables in bite sized chunks, the links are included below! 

If you’re just here for the crafting lists, you’re in the right place!

PRoject PRintables


1. Secret Agent School

Your Motley Agent will make a Mission Briefcase out of a cardboard box, and then use yarn and chenille stems to make a Secret Agent disguise.

You will need: 

  • A small blank notebook for your Motley Passport
    OR our printable Adventure Passport in

    • Booklet Print (print double sided [flip on long edge], cut the two booklets apart, and staple in the middle) or
    • Front to Back Print(print single sided and cut out all the pages, stack and staple)
  • Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners
  • Play money (here’s our printable Motley Money)
    OR small (2”x4”) paper slips for your Motley Spy to turn into play money
  • Small clean pizza box (or similar)
  • Ribbon (about 8” long and 1″ wide)
    grosgrain works best but any ribbon will do
  • Glue/glue dots/tape
  • Stickers or other decorations
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, or paints
  • Yarn or string in a mustache-y color
  • Another chenille stem that coordinates with your yarn

You may need to help with:

  • Attaching ribbon handles and hook-and-loop latches
  • Twisting chenille stems for glasses or mustaches

2.  Motley Mission Briefing

Your Motley Agent will meet Agent M (watch the video) and decipher an encrypted message from B.O.R.E.D. This mission requires reading skills so younger Agents may need some help!

You will need: 

  • An envelope for your mission items to go in
  • A marker, crayon, or other writing object to label your mission envelope
  • Scissors
  • brad or paper fastener if you want to attach the pieces of the Caesar Cipher Wheel together (if you don’t have a brad, you can use a paperclip as your wheel holder!)

Motley Mission Envelope

Caesar Cipher Wheel

  • Print out the Caesar Cipher Wheel and cut out the circles.
  • Use a brad to fasten the two circles of the wheel together so the smaller one spins freely and you can line up the letters.
    If you don’t have a brad, then use a medium sized paperclip to hold the wheels together. 
  • Print out our  Caesar Cipher Reference Card
    — this has two pages – the second one is a help file for you and your Motley Agent in case help is needed!
    — we suggest putting a sticky note over the answer at the bottom of the help sheet to prevent cheating!

You may need to help with:

  • Reading the mission briefing to your Agent
  • Decoding the communique from B.O.R.E.D. (we gave you a reference card just in case you need help on this one)
    Note: Even pre-reading Agents can help to decode the message by looking up letter pairs on the cipher wheel with you!

3.   Motley Missions

There are three separate missions to do this time! They do not have to happen in any particular order. We’ve included the lists of things you will need for all three missions on this page.



You will need: 

  • A pencil (the softer the better — a #2 or HB gives good results)
  • Transparent tape (shiny is better)
  • A white index card or piece of paper
    You can print our Fingerprint Cards here!
  • For dark-on-light fingerprints:
    • Another white card for found fingerprints
      The Fingerprint Cards include a “found” sheet!
    • Cocoa powder
  • For light-on-dark fingerprints:
    • A dark piece of paper (black gives the most contrast)
    • Corn starch or baby powder
  • A fluffy blush brush (it should wash afterwards)
  • Hand lotion to make your prints better

You may need to help with:

  • Tape lifting fingerprints
  • Cleaning up the scene of the crime


Secret Writing

You will need: 

  • A paintbrush or cotton swab
  • Paper to write on
  • Lemon juice
  • An iron (supervise your Motley Agent!)
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Grape Juice (the purple 100% grape kind)
  • White crayon
  • Small bowls to mix your inks in

You may need to help with:

  • Using the iron to heat your message


Secret Messages

You will need: 

  • A writing utensil (pencil or pen)
  • Several sheets of writing paper
  • Our Code and Cipher Cardsprintables
  • Scissors
  • Two paper towel or toilet paper tubes
  • Transparent tape
  • A flashlight

You may need to help with:

  • Reading skills
    Pre-reader agents may need you to help them write their message down before they encrypt it!
  • Receiving messages